Interface LocalTrackOptions

Options available for configuring LocalTrack created with getUserMedia and getDisplayMedia


  • MediaTrackConstraints
    • LocalTrackOptions


advanced?: MediaTrackConstraintSet[]
aspectRatio?: ConstrainDouble
autoGainControl?: ConstrainBoolean
channelCount?: ConstrainULong
constraints?: MediaTrackConstraints

A set of constraints for configuring the media. These are the same as the constraints passed to navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia

For more information about constraints see

deviceId?: ConstrainDOMString
echoCancellation?: ConstrainBoolean
facingMode?: ConstrainDOMString
frameRate?: ConstrainDouble
groupId?: ConstrainDOMString
height?: ConstrainULong
latency?: ConstrainDouble
name?: string

A name to be given to the resulting track. This will populate

noiseSuppression?: ConstrainBoolean
sampleRate?: ConstrainULong
sampleSize?: ConstrainULong
suppressLocalAudioPlayback?: ConstrainBoolean
width?: ConstrainULong

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