Interface SpaceOptionsParams

Options available for configuring a Space.


  • SpaceOptionsParams


automaticParticipantLimit?: number

Sets the participant limit to be used if subscriptionMode is set to SubscriptionMode.Automatic. This value can be set to an integer between 1 and 20, inclusive. This value defaults to 20 if not specified.

disableABRPublishing?: boolean

Disable ABR publishing which means the participant will only publish 1 rendition of their video to the server. This will lower CPU and bandwidth usage but can lead to poor performance in Spaces with more than 10 people.

subscriptionMode?: SubscriptionMode

Disable automatic subscriptions. If this is true the participant will not automatically be subscribed to remote media sources. Instead a call to RemoteParticipant.subscribe() will be needed before the local participant will receive media.

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