Class RemoteParticipant

A RemoteParticipant is a remote peer connected to the space. While Remote Participant events are emitted on Space remote participants can also emit ParticipantEvent to give you more fine grained control.


  • EventEmitter
    • RemoteParticipant


audioTracks: Map<string, RemoteTrack> = ...

A map of all audio tracks on this participant

connectionId: string

A unique connection id generated every time a participant connects to a space

id: string

The unique participant id derived from the participant_id field in the JWT

The role for this participant in the space. This can be one of ParticipantRole.Publisher or ParticipantRole.Subscriber

The status of this participant

subscribed: boolean


use isSubscribed() instead

videoTracks: Map<string, RemoteTrack> = ...

A map of all video tracks on this participant


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